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Star Market is focused on providing customers with a fresh and healthy experience every time they enter the store. Founded around the philosophy of offering customers the products they want at a fair price with lots care, Star Market invites you to see what makes them shine.

Edible Boston introduces you to the people who grow, raise and produce food in the Greater Boston and Worcester area and includes seasonal recipes for the home cook.




To Market focuses on food, people and policies that affect our New England food system. 


For twenty years, Red Tomato has been on a mission to deliver fresh, great tasting produce, doing right by farmers and the land while cultivating a more sustainable, ethical food system. We partner with 50+ family farms in the Northeast to bring you the freshest local produce possible.

We’re also home to EcoApple® a rigorous, ecology-based farming and third party certification that supports local farmers who use the most ecological and minimally treated methods to grow their fruit – season by season, crop by crop, orchard by orchard. Join us in building a better food system – together we are righteous produce!




FreshBox Farms is The Thoughtful Choice. Based in Millis, MA, we grow the freshest, cleanest leafy greens, 24/7/365, all while using 99% less water & land.

Our indoor, hydroponic enclosures create the ideal growing environment for crops. We aren’t subject to seasonality or adverse weather, and grow year-round without interruptions in quality.

A team of loyal farmers carefully looks after our Non-GMO plants from sewing to maturity, and never applies any pesticides or harmful chemicals to your food. Only the best, most flavorful leaves are harvested and then delivered to your grocery store within 24 hours: reliable and always delicious.


Once upon a time, there were two kids who's parents really didn't want them eating their favorite chocolates. Not much of a story there, but it made these brothers dream: could we remake these favorites without all the bad stuff?

A thousand recipes later (for real), they cracked the code to making some of the best tasting chocolate snacks, ever! They aren't kids anymore, but they are still inspired by this dream.

UnReal is available at all your favorite natural food stores and many grocers nationwide, including Whole Foods, Sprouts, Shaw's, Kroger, and in many innovative company kitchens. Find a store near you at getunreal.com

Founded in 2006 by two moms on a mission to transform the way America eats, Revolution Foods set out to solve the problem of limited access to healthy meals. The company serves two million freshly prepared, healthy meals to school meals every week in 15 states. On a local level, Revolution Foods serves 25,000 clean-label meals to students in Boston Public Schools on a daily basis. Parent and student demand for Revolution Foods products inspired the company to expand to the grocery store aisles and the company now offers a full line of healthy, ready-to-eat meals and snacks to nourish families throughout the day.