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2017 Schedule for Let’s Talk About Food.


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What’s Up With Food Allergies Anyway?

Confused by the uptick in food allergies? Lee Graham from National Celiac Association has answers. Join her along with Mallory Muschett of Violette Gluten Free Bakers who, through trial and error, developed a winning recipe and flour mixture for gluten free bread. Also on stage, an Arlington family with two young daughters, making their way through the challenges of life without gluten. Joining are Children’s Hospital RD Tara McCarthy and Kevin Harron, CEO & President of Burton’s Grill, a leader in gluten-free dining with lots of menu options and  loads of flavor.



Hello Dogfish!

It has a funny name (also known as Cape Shark) but dogfish is a local, sustainable, delicious fish and abundant in Massachusetts waters. Yet 99% of what we catch gets shipped overseas. Join Chatham fisherman Doug Feeney, the Northwest Atlantic Marine Alliance's Brett Tolley, and Jared Auerbach of Boston’s seafood wholesaler Red’s Best as they tell you about this local fish, what it takes to get it onto your plate, and how our fishing industry will benefit. Also on stage will be Matt Celeste, chef of the Island Creek Oyster Bar in Burlington teaching a simple dogfish recipe to make at home.



Fresh News on Flour and Whole Grains

Flour is more than just a bag on your shelf! Learn about how Native New England grains are making a comeback in restaurant and home kitchens!  But there’s still so much we don’t know about this local resource. Join Maria Speck, award winning author of Simply Ancient Grains, Chef/Owner Mike Pagliarini of the fresh pasta focused restaurants Giulia and Benedetto and members the Oldways Whole Grains Council. This team of experts will discuss why fresh grains matter today.



School Food Revolution

This fall Boston Public Schools welcomed Revolution Foods into their cafeterias to provide 40,00 healthy, locally sourced meals to kids everyday. We’re thrilled. On stage for this exciting segment will be the Revolution Foods chef and award-winning BPS culinary students who took their talents to a national competition in Washington last Spring! The group will be joined by Boston City Councilor Ayanna Pressley, Revolution Foods Founder and CEO, Kristen Groos Richmond, and BPS’ Laura Benavidez to talk about what this means for the future of Boston school food.



Less than a Spoonful of Sugar

We love sugar -- but there can be too much of a good thing. Get informed about the push to make Massachusetts the first state with a sugary beverage tax from David Martin of the Massachusetts Health Council and learn how to make sweet treats without overdoing the sugar with Oak + Rowan Executive Pastry Chef, Brian Mercury. Chef Brian will share his tricks for delicious desserts to make at home while Registered Dietitian Katherine McManus, Director of Nutrition Services for Brigham & Women’s Hospital and Dana Farber, gives her professional perspective on sugar and the right role for it in our diet.



Meals from my Mama

When families come to America, they bring their recipes and cooking know-how with them. Quickly those recipes from afar become as  “American as apple pie”. Think sushi. Think pizza. Think hummus and pita. In this segment four Boston chefs will share a recipe from their home country that inspires them. Join Asian American Irene Li of Mei Mei, Lebanon’s Jay Hajj of Mike’s City Diner, Star Market’s Executive Chef Vic Passacantilli and Senegal’s Marie-Claude Mendy of Teranga for delicious and diverse demonstrations.



Apple A Day

Fall in New England is apple season! And we want to celebrate our rich bounty. Get smart about local apple varieties beyond the usual suspects! Hear from Christiana Hodges of Sunrise Orchard in Cornwall, VT about life on an apple orchard while chef Todd Heberlein of Volante Farms creates an apple recipe from his new cookbook. You’ll also get the big apple picture from EcoApple advocate Sue Futrell of Red Tomato and a primer on which apples are best for what recipes from Yankee Magazine food editor and apple oracle, Amy Traverso.





10:00-10:30 Robin Cohen

Learn to make an apple and cranberry conserve great for breakfast but also perfect for holiday entertaining paired with cheese or served with poultry. Robin Cohen of Doves and Figs will give great tips on how to can it in little jars for gifts and freeze preserves as well. ​


10:40-11:10 Megan Giller

Join Megan Giller, author of Bean-to-Bar Chocolate: America’s Craft Chocolate Revolution and learn why artisanal chocolate from America's hottest makers is so special.  She'll highlight the mind-blowing flavors in a demonstration of Pop Rocks Chocolate Bark using dark chocolate, and yes you heard right, the fun punch of childhood cult favorite Pop Rocks!


11:20-11:50 Sue Futrell

Taste an array of our region's best apples, from heirlooms to the latest varieties guided by Susan Futrell, of local food hub Red Tomato and author of the new book Good Apples: Behind Every Bite. See how local growers manage their orchards ecologically, support pollinators, and grow great-tasting fruit for your favorite eating and cooking enjoyment. 


12:00-12:30 Evelyn Battaglia

From fresh and cooked to smoked, dried, and cured, making your own sausage is an important part of the slow food movement. Join Evelyn Battaglia, author of Home Sausage Making, and Shane Clyburn of Slow Food's Boston Chapter for a demonstration and discussion of how sausage is used to preserve and extend the food supply throughout history and in nearly every international cuisine.​


12:40-1:10 Minnie Luong

Kimchi is a delightful fermented cabbage originating from Korea that is one of the healthiest probiotic packed foods you can eat. Learn tips and techniques to transform this tasty satisfying snack into easy, delicious dishes that your family and friends will love! Bring all of your burning kimchi questions and enjoy a sample of Chi Kitchen Napa and Vegan Kimchi.


1:20-1:50 Linda Khachadurian

Explore the art of producing unique centerpieces entirely composed of sugar using a hand-pulling technique and assisted by an occasional burst of heat from a trusty kitchen blowtorch.  The resulting shiny wonder is a delight to the eyes and will be an enduring memento.


2:00-2:30 Todd Heberlein

After a century of growing, the folks at Needham's Volante Farms know how to make the most of the harvest season and prolong the bounty. Join their chef Todd Heberlein as he adds new flavor to a simple salad with roasted corn puree. He'll show how to take advantage of seasonal vegetables and infuse a taste of summer into cold weather meals.


2:40-3:10 Amy Traverso

Amy Traverso, Yankee Magazine food editor and author of The Apple Lover's Cookbook teaches you how to extend the apple season with two dishes: a quick bread-and-butter apple pickle and an overnight apple butter that you can make in your slow cooker.


3:20-3:50 Nadine Nelson

Learn how to be a traveler in your own city! Chef Nadine will be your guide as you jet set around Boston’s freshest farmers markets and best ethnic groceries. Learn to engage in a new way with local and seasonal vegetables using culinary inspiration from parts of the globe represented in Boston's diverse neighborhoods.


4:00-4:30 Adam Simha
Improve your slice, mince, and dice- improve your life! Grip, Stance, Motion, COURAGE!  Get basic knife skills in 30 minutes with custom knife maker Adam Simha of MKS Knife.





Endless Table

The Endless Table is an open-air gathering place that invites experts and the community to come together to explore larger issues in the food system.. This year’s topics include: Sustainable Seafood, Starting a Food or Farming business, Revolutionizing School Food, the Picky Eater Project, Food Allergies and Food Addiction. More details to come.


Ask-A-Nutritionist Booth

Our expert RD’s are a resource to get current and trustworthy answers to your nutrition questions, one-on-one. We’ve asked nutritionists from all our area clinics and hospitals to spend the day consulting with our community about what to eat and why it matters.


Spotlight Kitchen

Get close-up and personal at our Spotlight Kitchen! Join us in this intimate demo space and learn new culinary skills, techniques and spark fun projects to do at home.


Cookbook Authors Tent Presented by The Readable Feast

Celebrated cookbook authors and food writers sign their new books and share advice on how to read and write about food. Onsite bookstore by Porter Square Books.



Presented by The Readable Feast


11:20-11:50 Megan Giller Bean to Bar Chocolate: America’s Craft Chocolate Revolution


11:40-12:10 Sally Sampson The Picky Eater Project: 6 Weeks to Happier, Healthier Family Mealtimes


12:00-12:30 Susan Futrell Good Apples: Behind Every Bite


12:40-1:10 Evelyn Battaglia Home Sausage Making: 100 Specialty Recipes


1:20-1:50 Maria Speck Simply Ancient Grains: Fresh and Flavorful Whole Grain Recipes for Living Well


2:00-2:30 Amy Traverso The Apple Lovers Cookbook


2:40-3:10 Todd Heberlein The Volante Farms Cookbook: A Century of Growing







10:30-11:30 a.m   

Are you tired of dinnertime battles? Sick of being a short-order cook in your own home? Uneasy about the idea of sneaking vegetables into your kid’s food? Come talk with Sally Sampson, the founder of ChopChop Magazine and the co-author of The Picky Eater Project, and go home with some strategies to help turn your kids into adventurous eaters.


12:00-1:00 p.m.

So you have to eat gluten free or want to? And you heard the diet is lacking in taste? Not any more. From coffee cake to pasta, National Celiac can help you incorporate healthy food on this diet. There are fairly simple steps to changing gluten-filled foods to gluten-free ones. Worried about Thanksgiving dinner?
It can be done totally gluten free and people will still be raving about the food.


1:30-2:30 p.m.

Play The Price Is Wrong—a game illustrating the realities of price setting and unforeseen circumstances that can change the best laid plans. Created by NAMA, the game illustrates how unfair prices to fishermen are feeding the social, ecological, and economic disasters in rural communities and helping to make some segments of the public complacent with artificially priced foods. Learn how little fishermen are paid for what they catch, and how the price we pay for food doesn’t even come close to meeting their cost of operations. Shop for seafood in the market then guess
how much a fisherman is paid.


3:00-4:00 p.m.

You can live entirely without booze. You can live entirely without cigarettes. Addictive eaters have to face their nemesis all day, every day. Food Addicts in Recovery Anonymous (FA) have found a powerful, no-cost way to be free from food addiction and achieve a healthy, stable weight. FA of diverse backgrounds will offer their personal experience with food addiction and recovery and invite attendees to drop-in and listen at any point to ask questions, or have one-on-one conversations with their members. As with all anonymous programs, confidentiality and privacy are respected.





11:00-12:30 p.m.

For many, starting a food business is
one of those dreams that won’t die. Restaurant? Product? Food Blog? Food Truck? Catering Company? The world’s best energy bar or hot sauce? Come to our meetup near The Endless Table and join the candid and informal conversation with entrepreneurs who are living the dream. Facilitators include Jen Faigle, executive director of Commonwealth Kitchen and Ilene Bezahler, publisher
of Edible Boston and To Market.


Jen Faigle
Commonwealth Kitchen

Ilene Bezahler
Edible Boston & To Market

Robin Cohen

Pamela Robinson

Charles Griffin
Moody’s Delicatessen
& ProvisionCharcuterie

R. Murphy Knives

Al Danley
Food Truck Builders

new food product


1:00-2:00 p.m.

Small family farms are the cornerstones of a sustainable food system. They produce healthful food for
consumers, replenish the environment, and strengthen local and regional economies. But new farmers struggle to make a living wage and bring fresh food to market. Come and learn about challenges faced when starting out and strategies that can be used to craft a profitable, thriving, and enduring farm enterprise. The conversation will be
led by Dorothy Suput, founder and director of The Carrot Project, which has been helping startup and early-stage farmers and food processors succeed for 10 years.


2:00-3:30 p.m.

Meet the leadership team from Boston’s Public Schools led by Laura Benavidez and the president of their new school food partner,
Kristin Groos Richmond of Revolution Foods. Both BPS and Revolution Foods invite the community at large—adults and kids—to come together and talk about how to make healthy, delicious, fresh food available to families in and out of school, all over Massachusetts.